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Why Parents of Children with ADHD Should Consider Martial Arts

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a common condition that affects children worldwide. Children with ADHD may struggle with hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattention, which can cause challenges in various aspects of their lives, including their academic performance, social interactions, and emotional well-being. While there are various treatments and therapies available…Read More

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Winter Activities For Kids

Between the cold temperatures and the snow and ice outside, it’s no surprise that so many kids would rather stay inside with a video game or the television. The more time that those children spend inside inactive and snacking, the more likely it is that they will gain weight. Parents…Read More

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5 Ways To Help Your Child’s Education At Home

Parents are a child’s first and most influential teachers. Children’s lives begin at home and throughout their formative years, most of their time is spent there and its where a surprising amount of education can take place. Parents can help kids excel academically by taking the following steps:   1….Read More

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Recess is necessary for proper child development

Schools are in a tough spot these days. Between the pressures to meet minimum student performance standards and needing to work within slimmer budget constraints, recess has become an expendable program. More time is spent in class and fewer resources are needed for playground supervision and maintenance. It is a…Read More

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Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Autistic spectrum disorders are a range of related developmental disorders that begin in childhood and persist throughout adulthood. Autistic spectrum disorders can cause a wide range of symptoms, which are grouped into three broad categories: Problems and difficulties with social interaction Such as a lack of understanding and awareness of…Read More

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7 Reasons to Enroll Your Child in Private School

Melanie Hargrave, guest contributor When it comes to your child’s education, you want to pick the system that will benefit your child the most. Do you choose to put your trust in the public school system or the private school system? Or maybe you’re considering taking the responsibility on yourself…Read More

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Simple Tips to Make Moving out Easy for Kids

Ashley, guest contributor A lot of kids hate the thought of moving out. When a family decides to move to a new home, children are mostly affected thus showing separation anxiety. There are many factors associated with this. Maybe you are wondering why kids dreaded the possibility of moving to…Read More

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Three After-school Activities That Encourage Cognitive Development

Leslie Mason, guest contributor Any parent wants their child to be constantly learning, growing and developing, whether school is in session or not. With school starting up again, it’s time to start thinking about extracurricular and other after-school activities—hopefully choosing one that will encourage healthy cognitive development. Of course your…Read More

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Tie Dye With Kids

Long hot summers can be hard to fill, with children on your hands and most activities costing way too much to make a regular occurrence it can be hard to think of exciting things to fill their days. Bonding with children is unique and special, and something necessary to forge…Read More

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