It is our experience in our martial arts schools that when we start to build a child’s confidence, his or her self-assuredness builds and gains momentum.

The best way to start your child on this path upward is to start by giving him or her small, relatively attainable goals.

For example, in the beginning, we give children very easy kicking techniques to master. The first few belts in our school are relatively easy to attain.

We do not make the bar high in the beginning because we want the children to build positive momentum, to give them confidence in their ability to learn martial arts.

As they are learning techniques, they earn stripes and rewards for accomplishing their goals. As they progress, they are invited to test for their next color belt.

Parents can incorporate this principle at home by not demanding much in the beginning. Build up to it and the children will naturally be confident to take on harder challenges.

Try this: Have your child do the easiest homework assignments first. Celebrate this accomplishment. Then move on to the more difficult tasks, so they can tackle the challenges with greater confidence.