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Parents always need to have a constant eye on a new born baby, but it is also not possible for most parents to spend a whole day with their child. As a new born baby sleeps a lot, a parent can always find some time to herself, but she wants to be there with her baby as soon as he wakes up. Baby monitors are a nice solution for this problem, as a mother can always hear the noises of a baby as soon as he wakes up through a baby monitor.

The basics

A simple audio monitor uses a one way radio frequency to send sound from one end to the receiver. There are different models available on the market that can send sounds to different distances. The most common types of audio monitors available can send sound to a distance of 140-160 feet. With a simple audio baby monitor, you need to set a transmitter within a range of 10 meters of the baby’s crib. A receiver at the other end of the transmitter is mostly portable, but some models also come with a fixed receiver. Parents can always carry a portable receiver around with them when they are moving in or around a house.


As the frequency used in common audio baby monitors often matches the frequency used by police, emergency services, and by cordless telephones, there is always the possibility of foreign interference. There are better models available that can offer you a unique frequency, but they are quite expensive. If someone in your neighborhood is also using a baby monitor, you may have to find a model with a unique frequency so the two don’t interfere with one another.

The use of a scrambler is also a good way to minimize the foreign interference. It is also recommended to not use audio monitors that run on batteries, as parents may just think that their baby is sleeping when the batteries of a monitor die, so it is better to avoid.

Making the Right Choice

There are different models with different features available on the market. There is a one-way model as well as a two-way model of audio monitor. With a two-way model, you can also talk to the baby on the other end. Similarly, there is a choice for parents to choose from audio or video monitor. Video monitors are more expensive, but are often more convenient when it comes to vigilant monitoring of a baby.

You also need to calculate the distance you want to cover with your monitor, and the size of your home, before buying any particular model. All models come with different ranges. A simple and cheapĀ baby monitor may come with a fixed receiver; while a more sophisticated model will come with a portable receiver. You need to decide if you want to buy a model with a fixed or a portable receiver based on your convenience. You may also want to consider one that comes with better protection against foreign interference, especially if people in your neighborhood are also using baby monitors. It is highly recommended to buy a model that comes with a unique frequency. A video monitor is also a good choice in such a case.


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